Z VOX Single-Cabinet Speaker Bar MSRP $399

Z VOX Single-Cabinet Speaker Bar MSRP $399
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    Only 3.5" high, the ZVOX Z-Base 550HSD home theater system can be placed beneath your flat-panel TV* -- so you can have surround sound without adding a lot of clutter to your room. Created by legendary speaker designer Winslow Burhoe (founder of EPI Loudspeakers and Burhoe Acoustics), the 550HSD sounds absolutely terrific, reproducing music and movie soundtracks with lifelike accuracy. Voices are crystal clear. Bass from the built-in subwoofer is tight and solid. And the ZVOX PhaseCue virtual surround system delivers incredible three-dimensional sound. The entire system–speakers, amplifier, virtual surround technology and powered subwoofer–fits into the super-slim cabinet. The 550HSD is a true single-cabinet surround sound system. It doesn’t require anything else – no control console, no separate subwoofer cabinet, no other speakers, no speaker wires. With only one connecting cord and a one-page owner’s manual, it is truly "plug and play." The cabinet is robustly constructed using fully-braced MDF (medium density fiberboard) -- not plastic. Beautiful hand-lacquered high-gloss ebony end panels create a stylish look. Critics rave about the design and sound the Z-Base 550HSD. Main Features Magnetic Shielding