Z-VOX High-Performance Single Cabinet Suround Sound System MSRP $299

Z-VOX High-Performance Single Cabinet Suround Sound System MSRP $299
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    * Dimensions: 17”w x 16”d x 4.8”h * Weight: Without external power supply: 11 pounds. With external power supply: 14 pounds. With box and packing: 16 pounds. * Amplifier: The 325 uses a 60-watt amplifier, but its external power supply is limited to 24.3 watts. * Inputs: Two rear “mixing” inputs (if two devices are connected and playing, you will hear both devices): stereo 3.5mm “mini jack” inputs. One front-panel 3.5mm mini-jack input for use with iPods or other portable audio devices. When the front input is engaged, all rear inputs are automatically muted – so you will only hear what is plugged into the front input. * Frequency range: 63 Hz – 20 kHz. * Virtual surround sound: The 325 uses ZVOX’s proprietary PhaseCue virtual surround sound system. PhaseCue, as its name implies, manipulates the phase of the separate channels to “fool the ear” into believing that sound is coming from a variety of sources throughout the room. The benefits of PhaseCue vary greatly based on program material. Live music and well-recorded modern movie soundtracks will deliver rich, three-dimensional sound – pulling the sound out from the speakers and into the room, literally surrounding the listener. Sitcoms, news broadcasts and soundtracks from older movies often have very little in the way of three-dimensional sound. Note: All virtual surround systems – including the PhaseCue system – are limited in their effects when compared to a good 5.1 system. That being said, PhaseCue is capable of generating a wonderful and engaging virtual surround experience. * The 325 is bi-amplified, using a specially designed amplifier that includes electronic contouring for superb frequency response. * The 325's 4x6" subwoofer uses a high-mass long-throw design and incorporates a bandpass cabinet designed using proprietary software. * The 325's three 3.25" main speaker drivers use ferrofluid and neodymium magnets to create remarkably loud, remarkably clear sound. * The system is magnetically shielded so it can be used near a TV or monitor. * Unlike most systems in its price range, the 325 uses an MDF (medium density fiberboard) wood cabinet - instead of plastic. MDF is the preferred construction material for high-performance speaker systems. * The 325 uses the ZVOX Infinite Compliance system - which connects the outer two main speakers with an acoustic tube. This system helps create big sound from a small cabinet. * A subwoofer output jack on the rear allows owners to connect a separate powered subwoofer (optional). * A credit card-sized remote control adjusts volume up and down, and has a mute function. * Auto-on/auto-off circuit senses sound from source (TV, iPod, PC) and turns on the 325 two seconds later. Three minutes after it has received no signal, it automatically shuts the unit off. * Simple, single-cord connecting system uses a mini stereo jack input on rear panel. * Two connecting cords are included: one with a stereo mini jack, one with RCA jacks. The ZVOX 325 is backed by a one year limited parts and labor warranty. For services issues, email info@zvoxaudio.com.