TOSHIBA Reconditioned 55" 1080p LCD HDTV (120hz Clearframe!)

TOSHIBA Reconditioned 55" 1080p LCD HDTV (120hz Clearframe!)
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    Was $1299.00! VA-1 The G300 Series is perfect for sports enthusiasts and action movie fans alike. ClearFrame™ 120Hz doubles the video frames from 60 per second to 120 per second, to virtually eliminate motion blur. Whether watching a football player angling toward the end zone, or eagerly following a high speed movie chase, the picture is crisp and clear. Video 1080p Full HD Display ClearFrame™ 120Hz Anti-Blur Technology DynaLight™ Dynamic Back-Light Control Cinespeed™ LCD Panel Cinema Mode 24 fps (5:5 Pulldown) TheaterWide® Modes Color Temperature Control Built-In ATSC/NTSC/QAM Digital Tuning Native Mode™ Audio Invisible Speakers QSound® Mute/Half Mute Convenience Photo Frame Capability & MP3 Playback via USB HDMI™-CEC Gaming Mode Auto Aspect Control Sleep Timer Channel Browser™ Channel Labeling Input Labeling Logo Light On/Off 4-Item Universal Remote* Jackpacks HDMI™ Digital Inputs: 4 (1 Side) ColorStream® HD Component Video Input (1) Side A/V / Rear A/V: 1/1 High Res PC Input (S-XGA, 15 pin, D-sub) USB Port Dolby® Digital Optical Output Ethernet Port (RJ45) Weights and Dimensions Weight: 69.23 lbs. Dimensions: 52.28 x 33.49 x 4.09 (WxHxD) Weight With Stand: 76.01 lbs. Dimensions With Stand: 52.28 x 36.28 x 16.93 (WxHxD) Weight With Packaging: 89.4 lbs. Dimensions With Packaging: 58.82 x 37.64 x 11.02 (WxHxD)