Installation FAQs

What happens when a customer purchases installation from the website?

The customer will be contacted with within 24 hours of Belmont TV receiving the order.  An actual Belmont TV technical service representative will call you to confirm the scheduled date and time of services and review your installation order.  Most appointments are scheduled within 3-7 days from the scheduling call.

What if the customer does not receive a call within that time frame?

If the customer does not receive a phone call within the allotted 24 hours, they may call Belmont TV directly at 703-671-8500.

What kinds of items will I need on site in order for the installer to complete the installation?

Most installations require some type of hardware and accessory to be complete. These accessories may include: mounts, brackets, wiring, cables, etc. The exact nature of these items depends on the installation and the room in which you would like your consumer electronics installed. All necessary hardware and accessories must be onsite when the installer arrives or a trip fee may be charged to you if the installation cannot take place.

  • installations do not include any accessories or hardware.  Hardware and accessories may be purchased on the same service order.
  • Your installer will review with you during your scheduling phone call what type of hardware and accessories you may need.

What if the member doesn't have all the equipment once the technician is on site and the installation cannot be performed?

If the member does not have the correct equipment on the day of installation, the technician would have to reschedule for a time when the member has all necessary items. This would also result in a return trip fee for the customer.

What if the installer does not arrive in the time frame scheduled?

If the installer misses the appointment the member should contact (703) 671-8500 and a representative will research the cause of missed appointment and arrange for rescheduling ASAP.

Does the installer review the statement of work with the member?

The installer will review every step of the statement of work and notes any additions or discrepancies.

No work can start until the customer signs the statement of work and agrees to what the installer will do.

Signing the statement of work indicates that the member is ok with everything that the installer intends to do, as outlined in the statement of work.

Does the member sign something upon the completion of the installation?

Yes, the installer will have a form for the customer to sign stating that they are satisfied with the installation work.

If there is a problem with the installation the customer should not sign the final paperwork.

What if the customer experiences a problem with their system after it's installed?

Belmont TV offers a 30 day installation warranty for all customers. If the problem was found to be installation related, resolution would be obtained at no charge. If the problem however was found to be equipment related or user error, the customer would be responsible for the cost of the service call. Also, if it is found that the customer has tampered with, or had another company tamper with the installation, the installation warranty becomes null and void.

What if the customer wants something done that isn't included within the scope of work?

The customer can pay through the technician for any additional work requested or necessary for installation.

I rent my apartment and would like my new plasma mounted over the fireplace. Which installation is best for me?

Note that all renters will require written permission from the residence owner before any mounting can take place

How many days in advance do I need to inform Belmont TV of a cancellation or to reschedule?

Cancellations and schedule changes must be made 24 hours in advance.