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Many of you have grown up with Belmont TV.  For those who want to get to know us better take a look at these reviews posted by Belmont TV customers  on yelp.  Since 1943 Belmont TV has been proud of its reputation and committent to serving the Washington DC area’s consumer electronics needs.  We are comitted to providing cost effective solutions to your home entertainment and business audio visual solutions.  We take the time to get to know what our customers want.  We listen.  We keep ourselves trained and educated on the latest technology and maintain strong relationships with our business vendors to get our customers the best possible pricing.  If you are not happy,
we are not happy.  And Belmont TV wants happy customers!




John A., McLean VA

Five Star Review  11/30/2012
We recently moved in to our new house, and Belmont did a great job  working with us on TV selection and placement in several rooms. We have purchased TVs from Belmont for years and have always been impressed  with their high level of customer service, great prices, and high degree of technical expertise.  From the selection of the TVs to installation, Jeff Stanton and his team were outstanding.
If that is not  enough, Belmont's follow-up is unmatched.  Following installation, I  received several emails from Jeff just to make sure that the sets were  working properly and to see if I had any questions.

Always a great experience with Belmont TV!

William R.K.  Fairfax, VA

Five Star Review  11/29/2012
This is our second TV from Belmont. In our first experience we were  looking for a HD big screen TV and the folks at BestBuy, Sears, etc.  were no help for technical questions. So we found Belmont TV online and went there. Wow! Talk about knowing the industry, having the products, installation technicians, on floor experts. A great breath of fresh  air. We bought the TV, they installed it, quickly, efficiently and  said, "any questions" give us a call. A great experience. Never had  to call them.

Second experience; it was time to replace the 7  year old LCD, so we went to Belmont. Same manager was on the floor as  in 2005, we ended up with a 50" LED TV and delivery was by the same  techs that installed our original one in 2005. Same story; they  installed it, quickly, efficiently and without any difficulties.

They came back a week later to install the Boston Acoustics sub woofer sound system. Installed quickly, efficiently and no technical difficulties.  Then the install tech looked at our two other TV and discovered that  Verizon had not installed them correctly. So, without any additional  charge or expense, he "fine tuned" our other TV's., Service above and  beyond the call of duty.

They are experienced on all levels,  know exactly what they're doing and what they're talking about. Five  stars, begging to end!! WRK Fairfax, VA

Kerry S., Alexandria, VA

Five Star Review  11/13/2012
Wow, what a nice change from the many harried experiences I've had at  Best Buy! I was greeted immediately by a salesperson who actually  listened to my needs and worked with me figure out what purchases would  suit me best. He really knew his stuff. He didn't try to sell me a 3-D TV that I didn't need just so he could get a bigger commission. I was  in and out with exactly what I needed at a very fair price in less than  20 minutes.  I bought a 55-inch flat screen with a mounting kit, a wall  mounted surge protector and a sound bar with a subwoofer. For a  reasonable fee, Belmont delivered the stuff to my house and arranged  installation with an excellent installer who installed it on the wall  over my fireplace.

My new TV is gorgeous, sounds great and was  so easy to get through Belmont. They have completely won me over. No  hassles at all. Wonderful.

Martin M., Arlington, VA

Five Star Review  11/9/2012
Belmont TV is my first choice when in the market got tv's and  accessories. They are knowledgable and willing to spend time educating  customers. Also, their prices are competitive. No more big box stores  for me, ever!

D.A, Alexandria, VA

Five Star Review  11/3/2012
Was in need of a new television for my office, I went in over the past  weekend and their showroom had several sets that would work. The person  who helped me, I believe he was the manager,  spent a good amount of  time with me as I looked over numerous televisions and offered good  advice without being pushy. I ended up taking home a nice Sansui  television at a good price. I didn't mind paying just a little bit more  than at some online stores (Belmont was $15 higher than the cheapest  online source, not bad), since I know if there are any problems all I  have to do is call Belmont.
Previous Review
Four Star Review
I only buy from Belmont TV. All of the TV's in my house are from Belmont. The installation of home theater setups in 2 of the rooms of my house was done by Belmont. Their showroom area displays a good variety of televisions and they a have a great selection of cables and accessories. All of my interactions with the sales staff have been pleasant and helpful. Any problems I have had with televisions I know I can call and talk to a human without endless menus and prompts. That's one of the many benefits to dealing locally with small businesses, you get excellent customer service. And you definitely get that at Belmont. A highlight of my last purchase was that the Soundbar I was researching online was cheaper at Belmont and I didn't have to wait a few days for it.

Robin F., Annandale, VA

Five Star Review  11/3/2012
This place is the best if your looking for a TV. The guys there really know everything about TVs. I went there a long time ago and bought a  TV....love it and LOVED the price...needed another TV and well looked  around at prices, called a few places and I just couldn't get any info  about what I wanted....These guys were the only ones to answer my  questions and helped me choose a great TV and gave me the best price.
Go to this place...you will get expert advice about TVs and support where  the other LARGE chains have people selling expensive TVs and can't even tell me the basics.

Deb F., Cranston, RI

Five Star Review  11/2/2012
The reason why I am writing this review is because I also am a small  business owner, located in Cranston, Rhode island. Upon finding the http://belmonttv.com website, I have over the past two years bought several TVs for use in  my business and promotions. All of the TVs were delivered in good  condition, except for one which was damaged in shipment. This could  have been a difficult and time-consuming experience to explain and  return. Fortunately, upon contacting Belmont, the salesperson quickly  ascertained the situation and provided details for a next day pickup,  and shipment of a new TV.  I received prompt and very professional  customer service and have recommended Belmont TV to many of my  colleagues and friends. For me, Belmont TV is a 5 star.

Amy L., Arlington, VA

Four Star Review  7/26/2012
I have been in contact with the owner of Belmont since my last review.  Although I have not had a need to go back as of yet, based on his  professionalism and commitment to bettering the service at the company I will now return in the future when I need something and give them  another chance. It takes a lot of time and commitment in order to try to right things with customers, which is the benefit of small businesses.  His reaching out to make amends and to outline recent improvements shows that level of service that I look for.

Wayne V., Alexandria, VA

Five Star Review  10/2/2012
I don't often write reviews but when it comes to electronics I am like  Sgt. Schultz from Hogan's Hero's, "I know nothing". So when these guy's  helped me understand what I was buying as well as how to use it, I thought someone should know.
I purchased a flat screen that does  more stuff than my computer. It connects to the internet, shows movies  and only uses one remote.
If you have any reservations about buying a new TV you really should talk to these guys.

Wayne VanBrocklin

Dennis M., Lorton, VA

Five Star Review  9/17/2012
A little over a year ago I purchased a 55" Toshiba LCD from Belmont. The price was right and the salesmen were very helpful in helping us pick  out the right TV. They also recommended a wall mounting solution that  was very solid and easy to mount/dismount as needed. Fast forward 13  months and the TV stops powering up! I took the TV down off the wall  and brought it in to Belmont. A few days later they called to let me  know that the circuit boards that the TV runs off needed to be replaced. The TV was one month out of warranty but Belmont insisted that they would be able to get it fixed by Toshiba! Sure enough, I got a phone  all from Toshiba about a week later. They stated that my model TV was  not made any longer and that I would have to pick a new model. They  gave me a list of possible replacements and one of them was one of their new LED models! Heck yeah I want to upgrade! So another week goes by  and sure enough my new LED TV shows up at my doorstep! If it were not for Belmont and the excellent service they provided me I probably wouldn't  have a TV in my living room anymore. Big thanks to Ken for getting this issue resolved for me! Gotta love the free upgrade!

Rosser M., Kensington, MD

Five Star Review  9/7/2012
Always a great deal and knowledgeable sales staff the bigger places don't have. You really can't go wrong here...

Richard R., Fairfax, VA

Four Star Review  7/26/2012
Belmont TV let's be honest doesn't have the best prices around, but what i really like about them is they know TV'S!!! No place in this area has more experienced or knowledgeable people regarding TV's then them. I  guess that's why they have been around for so long competing with the  big chains. Had my TV replaced and went to every store in the area when i got to Belmont i was so impressed by their no-how i bought my new TV  from them.

Dave S., Springfield, VA

Five Star Review  3/11/2012
Great store and such wonderful personal service. Answered my 3D questions and gave me a great deal.

Scott F., Arlington, VA

Five Star Review  2/26//2012
The Belmont TV on King St has been there as long as I can remember. My  Father started shopping at the store in 1974 and I have been shopping  there since I could afford to buy my own TV's. The staff has always been very helpful and I've always been able to find what ever I needed to  keep my home theater system running smooth. I had a problem a few weeks  ago with one of my sets so I gave the guys at Belmont a call to set up a service call. The person who answered the phone said his name was  Brandon and that he was the service manager and when I described my  problem he was positive that I didn't need a service call and instead he talked me through my problem step by step. When the call was said and  done not only was my set working correctly again be he had saved me some money in the process. So to sum up I'm going to continue to support  Belmont TV because every time I've called I always get a real person who not only knows what they are talking about but are willing to spend the time talking to me.

Gary D., Springfield, VA

Five Star Review  2/22//2012
I've been doing business with Belmont since I moved here in 1984. I find the staff to be very knowledgeable and friendly. I've bought many TV's  and several surround sound systems  and have always been satisfied with  the quality and the price. Over the years I've introduced friends,  relatives and business associates to Belmont and their experience has  always been the same as mine.These guys are the last of the Mom &  Pop electronics stores in the area and that is no accident.

Scott D., Olney, MD

Four Star Review  2/14/2012
Bought a T.V. from Belmont T.V. in Arlington, Va. After a little bit of confusion about the delivery date, their guys did a great job hooking  everything up. I know they've been in business a long time because my  parents bought a T.V. from them. Their prices were very competitive and it's refreshing to do business with a company that seems to care about  their customers

Skip Q., Oakton, VA

Five Star Review  1/27/2012
Great experience. Purchased a Sony 3D projection system. They came out did a site inspection and made recommendations based on my budget  (which was better than others I had priced). They arranged to have it  installed and arrived at the date AND time specified. The system is  TREMENDOUS - very happy!

Kathy W., Arlington, VA

Five Star Review  1/27/2012
Belmont TV on King Street is an excellent source of electronics,  especially top brand tv's. Their prices are very reasonable, and their customer service is outstanding! I highly recommend them. James Kenney is my contact there, and he is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and  very accommodating. Their delivery staff is also wonderful to work  with. All in all, a first-rate operation.

Kathy W.

Jane L, Alexandria, VA

Five Star Review  Update - 1/18/2012
BELMONT TV at 4723 King Street is the BEST experience I have had in  making a major purchase in probably 15 years. They are a 5 star group,  for sure! I note that a couple people gave them one star--hey, I do not know their problems, but I assure anyone who reads this that the manager was helpful and the guy I dealt with, Brandon Edwards, was  terrific and knowledgeable--he is there all days except Tuesdays)...and  TODAY was the icing on the cake...THE DELIVERY. WOW! My new 55 inch  Sony was delivered (with the wood furniture/platform I selected for its  perch--already assembled. And they took my old BIG 57 inch Sony out  along with 2 VHS thingies I no longer use. Delivery guys were Murphy and Tony and they too were 5 star; nice, helpful, paid attention to all  the details. First rate operation.
So head out toward Skyline from Alexandria and Belmont TV is on the right. And tell them Jane L sent you.
Do yourself a favor and go to Belmont TV and save yourself the hassle of  dealing with Big Box stores, delivering to yourself, hauling and  assembling, setting up, and then who hauls the old BIG TV away. If you  go to Belmont, they do!
Great people, great service.

Five Star Review  1/18/2012
BELMONT TV at 4723 King Street is the BEST experience I have had in  making a major purchase in probably 15 years. They are a 5 star group,  for sure! I note that a couple people gave them one star--hey, I do not know their problems, but I assure anyone who reads this that the  manager was helpful and the guy I dealt with, Brandon Edwards, was  terrific and knowledgeable--he is there all days except Tuesdays)...and  TODAY was the icing on the cake...THE DELIVERY. WOW! My new 55 inch  Sony was delivered (with the wood furniture/platform I selected for its  perch--already assembled. And they took my old BIG 57 inch Sony out  along with 2 VHS thingies I no longer use. Delivery guys were Murphy  and Tony and they too were 5 star; nice, helpful, paid attention to all  the details. First rate operation.
So head out toward Skyline from Alexandria and Belmont TV is on the right.

Evan K., Washington, DC

Five Star Review  8/19/2011
Great store with knowledgeable staff.
I've gotten a number of TVs  from there and they have all been great. The sales people knew what  would fit my needs and the installation team got everything hooked up  just the way I needed.
I definitely recommend them.

A. S., Washington, DC

Five Star Review  8/7/2011
I've bought three tv's from Belmont over the past 7 years and continue  to find the customer service and delivery staff phenomenal. After  dealing with the B.S. from the big box stores, the first time I walked  into Belmont I expected the same. I got the polar opposite. As a woman  I'm used to the good ole boy routine that comes complete with the "I  know what you need more than you do" crap. Everytime I left with what I  wanted and more often than not, additional information about a specific  set or brand that left me feeling like a much more informed consumer.  After my first experience I haven't bought a TV, VCR, or DVD player from anywhere else.

Hilde P., Vienna, VA

Five Star Review  8/2/2011
My mother has a memory from way back in the day ... way back ... of  Belmont TV. It was one of the few stores that had a/c back then, and  they always stopped in to cool off on hot summer days. That started  their tradition of getting their TVs from Belmont, and I've continued  the tradition these 40-some years later.

A few years ago, we got a 50" Sony Grand Wega television. We had shopped around, and of course  Belmont had the lowest price ... but what we hadn't expected was the  courtesy and professionalism of the delivery personnel. You never know  what you'll be getting when you have something delivered, so we were  pleasantly surprised at the knowledgeable young men that delivered the  television.

Just recently, we finally were able to find the  perfect TV stand/console for our newest television. We searched Best  Buy, Amazon, Big Screen Store, etc. I should have known to check  Belmont first. Amazing selection!

I highly recommend them - they've yet to let me down in any way.

Brad A., Bethesda, MD

Five Star Review  7/30/2011
Purchased LG LV3500 37" LED - a solid TV, great picture at a fair price  and at no point did I feel being 'sold up' or patronized. I am a repeat  customer although last TV purchased was in 2002. Its pretty simple, my  experience is that Belmont provides customer service while national big  box stores do not.

Howard F., Annandale, VA

Five Star Review  7/23/2011
Belmont TV has been a fixture in the DC area forever. Everyone else except the big chains is out of business and they're not, so that tells  you something.

It's pretty amazing: somehow Belmont manages to be the best of all worlds: actual, knowledgeable advice about the right  thing to buy (as opposed to what has the biggest spiff for the  salesperson), after-sale service (including expert installation if you  need it), and prices that are usually lower than the big guys.

If you decide to invest a ton of time researching on the Internet or  hoofing it to shop around, they have a price match guarantee. But that's the beauty of Belmont - you really don't need to. You know you're going to get honest advice, great service, and a competitive price.

What's not to like!

Response from Ken S. of Belmont TV 12/4/2012
I want to Thank You again for your positive review of us. I can't impress upon you enough how much my company appreciates what you have  done for us. You are one of only three reviews, out of about 29,  execellent, reviews that YELP has not filtered out. Thanks again Ken Sickmen

Eliza B., Alexandria, VA

Star 1/20/2011
Went here to buy a tv not long ago. We wanted a plasma, but let the  salesman talk us into a Sony LED (granted, it was a highly rated product at a great price). Got it home, set it up, but the picture was bad.  Brought it back, after some hemming and hawing from the salesmen and  manager, they exchanged the set for a new one. Got that one home, same  problem. Brought it back and the manager refused to help us. Told us to call Sony through the warranty they sold us (we had already done  that, but waited on hold over an hour, then left our number and they  never called us back). Manager was pissed that after buying the  warranty, we had the audacity to try to return the set. We were very  nice, offered to pay the restocking fee and any shipping charges to send it back to Sony, but this guy wouldn't hear it. We paid a good deal  of money for a product that wasn't performing as it should, however, the manager didn't want to believe it.

Selection is limited  overall and it looks like they do more business repairing electronics  than selling them. Belmont may be an institution in northern VA, but  their reputation is amongst an older crowd, not tech-savvy, 20-30 year  olds. They will price-match advertised competitors, but be prepared for what you're getting in return: a decent product, at a decent price, but no reputation or guarantee to stand behind it.

Scott B., Arlington, VA

Five Star Review  11/3/2010
I brought an electronic device in to Belmont for repair, and the staff  was friendly and honest. The repair didn't fix the device, which might  well be beyond repair, but the manager refused to let me pay for the  10-15 minutes of work they performed. It was a classy move, and I really appreciated it.

Dave R., Reston, VA

Four Star Review  10/29/2009
Whatever you want, think Belmont. And with that little ditty, I've just admitted that I'm entering my relic stage. Belmont TV is a  northern VA institution, as is (or was, don't know if they're still  around) Erol's. In this era of big box stores like Best Buy and Target, it's refreshing that a place like Belmont still thrives. Their sign  reads "before going to Best Buy or Costco, come here." They claim they  will match any price. The store is smaller, and a less stressful experience than Best Buy (that is, no hip hop music going full blast, no bass heavy music from the car stereo area clashing with the hip hop, no noise from the giant LCD TV overlapping video game explosions). I immediately reach for a tranquilizer after I leave a Best Buy, but I  digress...Belmont TV exists for people like me. We value customer  service, which Belmont still believes in. Competitive prices. A great  return policy that luckily I only had to use one time. One star shaved off for selection - they carry some of the most popular brands, but compared to a catalog-based outlet like Crutchfield, their selection is  not as good. But if you're looking for quality, helpful service (and  they will not pressure you into buying anything, unlike those used car salesmen rejects that once thrived at Luskin's), think Belmont (cue music).



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